Autumn Leaves

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Happy Thanksgiving card with colorful autumn leaf collage

These leaves are all from New York and Philadelphia in the last week of September. It was my first time on the east coast in the fall, and these colors visibly changed from my first day to my last. As a California girl with largely evergreen trees in my area, this “leaf peeping” (as my friend called it) was mesmerizing!

This collage shows the gradient with almost 150 hand-selected photos, each taken without a filter and not retouched or color-corrected in any way. Nature is far too talented on her own to need my help in that department!

Framed colorful autumn leaf collage

This design is available, with or without the words “Happy Thanksgiving,” on a variety of products from cards to candles to wall art.

custom-printed candle with colorful autumn leaf collage

One of my favorite quotes this time of year is that the leaves are about to remind us all how beautiful it is to let things go.  Whether you use this candle on your Thanksgiving table or in your own private retreat and meditation times, let it remind you of the gentle power of releasing the old to prepare for the new. I wish you a beautiful and peaceful season of change and gratitude!

You can find this design on a variety of products on Zazzle, RedBubble, Society6, or CafePress.