Joyful Jen’s Shops

With a mission to spread as much joy as possible, we post designs on multiple sites to reach more people. Each site has a different mix of products and designs available. So where should you look to find what you’re seeking?

FYI, this page contains links to products using my artwork, meaning I earn royalties from every purchase. Some are also affiliate links, meaning if you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission to boost my artist’s royalty, which really helps. You can read more here. Thanks for your support!

Zazzle logo, white letter Z in a black circleZazzle has the widest variety and lets you personalize almost everything. It’s a good place to start if this is all new to you.
CafePress logo, a green square with a white message bubble with the words "CafePress" in green insideCafePress has a solid variety, plus includes my Star Trek fandom designs.
RedBubble logo, stylized white letters RB in a red circleRedBubble has great stickers and unique all-over-print shirts and dresses, plus your usual t-shirts & mugs. They make a point of using sustainable, ethical, sweatshop-free production.
Society6 mini logo, white letters s6 in a black squareSociety6 has more upscale artwork and products such as tapestry blankets and ceramic travel mugs.

A note about fan art…

You may notice that a lot of artists post “fan art” for sale on these sites. It’s common, but it usually violates copyright and trademark laws. I’m careful to only post fandom designs in places that have licensing agreements in place, such as my Star Trek designs on CafePress.